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Real Internet Marketing For The Home Business Professional

Mindset is everything in this
business—chances are, you’ve
heard me say that more than a few
(dozen … ) times. But I always come
back to it because it’s not just true,
it’s critically important to the success
of your business and any other
entrepreneurial pursuit you take on—
now or in the future.
Mindset is what keeps you moving
forward even when you’re lost,
confused or want to throw in the
towel. Mindset is what helps you stay
laser-focused on everything that
comes next—and after that and after
that. And mindset is what keeps you
believing that you WILL achieve—not
just that you could or you might but
that you absolutely, 100% WILL. In this
business, that’s as good as gold.
That’s why, in this issue, I want to
focus on MINDSET, but not in the
traditional “been there/done that”
sense. At this stage of the game, I’m
confident you know you need to be
head-down with your eyes planted on
growing your business. So, instead,
I want to talk about having the right
mindset at specific moments in
time—moments in time that could
make or break your business.
First up, we’ll talk about embracing
the chaos. Sound counterintuitive?
It isn’t, believe me. No matter how
successful you are, entrepreneurship
is messy—and that’s not a bad thing.
Lines get blurred and decisions get
made on the fly and, overall, things
never look the same two days in a
row. I’ve been doing this for close to
a decade, and chaos has become
synonymous with success, at least
from my end. At this point, I worry
when things feel too neat, clean and
organized. I assume something isn’t
happening or we’re missing out on
some major opportunity. On the other
side, when things are crazy and
chaotic, I know it’s because the magic
is happening—and that’s exactly the
mindset you need to excel.
After that, we’ll talk about live
events—specifically, how to get in
the right mindset so you PRIORITIZE
live events, and so, when you’re there,
you don’t stress yourself into total
paralysis. It happens more than I
can tell you. Either that promising
entrepreneur/digital marketer/
business owner talks themselves
out of attending a very valuable
Mastermind or other live program,
or when they get there, they’re so
overwhelmed with absorbing and
DOING it all that they do NOTHING.
Both are problematic, and both
have simple mindset tricks to help
overcome these hurdles.

Some powerful
mindset advice from a good friend of mine—simply, if you don’t like the game CHANGE IT. Too often
we convince ourselves that THIS
is the way it has to be. The reality?
That’s virtually NEVER the case.
Shift your mindset and change the
game. It is as simply as that and I’m confident, if you apply this tips your are going
see things  work out A LOT differently. And
that, as always, is my goal. So, for
now, ENJOY. And keep me posted on
your success.

Caroline van Mierlo

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